It is not enough to have more ideas than others - it is also necessary to have the ability to judge which of these ideas are good. Linus Carl Pauling

Concepts & Ideas

We plan, counsel and evaluate your projects.

Congresses & Events

We counsel and organize your events.

Communication & Public Relations

We counsel and support your public relations and publications.

Start Up & Promotion

We offer support and manage the start up of your initiative in Austria, Brussels or anywhere else in Europe. 

Development & Coaching

We accompany your newly founded initiative and develop your acitivities in Austria and other countries. We accompany the setting up of an internship programme. We accompany you, your employees and members in diverse activities: lobbying, fundraising, press work, and other advanced training.

Kairos Publications - our own publishing house

For publications connected to the projects we work on, we run "Kairos Publications", our own publishing house. This facilitates the publishing of books, essays, or reports which need to be available in the international databases.