Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians

The phenomenon of Intolerance and Discriminatin against Christians on the rise in Europe: documented exemplary incidents.


KathTreff - Catholic Online Dating

Offers for Catholic Singles: Online dating, regular conferences, common holidays, and publications.

Catholic Online-Dating in Hungary


Press and Strategy

Safer Surfing

Press and Strategy


Development of the YOUCAT-Institute

King's College London

Cooperation with King's College London on the new Master's degree in Ethical Leadership

Hospital St.Elisabeth, Wien

Public Relations for and Organisation of the 300-year-jubilee in 2009

International Theological Institute

Editing of a book publication on the issue of friendship (2010)


Vatican Magazine

Support of the Austrian PR-campaign

Europe for Christ!

An ecumenical initiative of prayer, education and networking in more than forty countries.

Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

We are happy to work with the Archbishop of Vienna on selected projects.


Papal School of Heiligenkreuz

The papal school "Pope Benedict XVI" at Heiligkreuz is the largest German speaking education location for seminarians. Kairos consults its public relations and fundraising activities.

Lobby for Children

To place children at the center. The NGO Lobby for Children works toward that goal in and through the public debate.

Initiative Christian Family

The "Initiative Christian Family" advocates a Yes to Family and a Yes to Children especially by education and training of parents.

Media Academy for Catholic Apologetics

The most challenging questions posed to the Catholic Church today, analysed and discussed, and taken up in intense media training for young professionals.

Youth Academy of Dr. Karl Kummer – Institute

Training seminar for politically interested young adults over one academic year. Host: Austrian Think Tank Dr. Karl Kummer – Institute.

International Congress "Meaning and Indebtedness" - End of Life Questions

300 participants in discussion with well-known scientists, politicians and artists: Tobias Moretti, commissionar Jan Figel, Austrian president Heinz Fischer, etc.

Publishing House Christoph Hurnaus

Publication of a book on the visit of the Pope to Austria in 2007

Newspaper "Die Tagespost"

A Catholic voice in German speaking media. Support of the Austrian marketing campaign on the occasion of the visit of the pope in 2007.

Symposium „Bridging the Gap“

60 intellectuals from Europe and the Unites States. Public lectures with then Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, Prof. Joseph Weiler and Georg Weigel in April 2006.


International Conference „Human Dignity and the Failure of Communism”

November 2004: 200 participants / 35 countries; highlights: S. Curtois (Blackbook of Communism), W. Bartoszewski (Poland), Maat Laar (Estonia).

International Conference „In memoriam Hans and Sophie Scholl – 60th anniversary“

Munich, February 2003: 200 participants from 7 countries

International Conference “Our Contribution to a Vision for Europe”

Bratislava, December 2001: 120 participants from 10 Ländern; highlights: Jan Figel, Otto von Habsburg, Erhard Busek (foto on the right with Dr. Gudrun Kugler).


Consulting for the NGO FUNDAP based in Guatalema. Education for women and children; startups of Micro-Enterprises 1995-1999.

Central European Day of Catholics

Organisation of and public relations for the Central European Day of Catholic, hosted by eight bishops' conferences / 90 000 participants (May 04).