Dr. Martin Kugler

Dr. Martin G. Kugler studied history, political sciences and communication in Vienna, Graz and Rome and holds a PhD in history. In his studies and talks he worked particularily on the Christian-motivated resistance to National Socialism. 1995 he published his thesis titled "On the early diagnosis of National Socialism in Austria. Publicistic resistance before 1938" (Vienna/Frankfurt 1995).

He worked for over 10 years as spokesperson and press officer of large church organisations. In 2004 he was in charge of the press work for the Central European Catholic's Day and co-responsible for its final event with about 90.000 participants ( Martin Kugler also worked in the field of development cooperation for the initiative “Students help Latin America” and „FUNDAP“ (, Guatemala).

Since 2005 he is head of Kairos Consulting (

Martin Kugler is married to Gudrun Kugler and father of four children.

You can reach Dr. Kugler at martin.kugler(at) or +43/1/2749898