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We still believe in books. We also believe in e-books! We are convinced that reading enriches our lives, making possible a synthesis between that which we have simply learned and that which we come to more deeply understand, a synthesis that brings new ideas to birth.

We are convinced that it is ideas which change the world. G. K. Chesterton once said, “Bad ideas kill.” And unfortunately that is the case. But the opposite is also true. Good ideas are inspirations for our lives. Some of the world-changing ideas are sometimes not exactly welcomed by the general public, understandably so! Everyone is familiar with the law of inertia, the resistance of any object to a change in its state. But how can an unpopular but important idea become known if it is not commercially profitable and therefore has little chance in the mainstream? 


This is where Kairos Publications comes in: a platform for authors whose ideas are forward looking and cutting edge, commercially interesting or not.


The Global Human Rights Landscape

Throughout the world today, marriage is being redefined by national courts and governments, religious liberty is severely threatened, and abortion is routinely promoted as a “human right”. The international organizations that were established in the 20th century to protect fundamental human rights are instead in some areas being used to undermine them. This short guide seeks to answer three questions: What are the international and regional human rights institutions that exist around the world, why do they matter and how can individuals and organizations get involved? Read more (flyer).

ISBN: 978-3-9503055-9-3

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Report 2013: 241 Cases of Intolerance Against Christians in Europe

The Observatory's Report on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2013 lists 241 individually documented cases of intolerance against Christians in Europe, as well as what individuals and institutions say about it. It also includes recommendations to governments, international institutions and the people themselves in their different professions.

The Observatory's Report contains four parts:

  1. Hate-Related Incidents Against Christians
  2. Intolerance against Christians in Law and Politics
  3. Intolerance against Christians in Arts and Media
  4. Remedies

ISBN:  978-3-9503055-8-6

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Press Release in English / German

Report 2012 on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2012

The Observatory's Report 2012 on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2012 was released on May, 21st, 2013, at an OSCE high level conference on Tolerance and Discrimination in Albania.

ISBN: 978-3-9503055-7-9

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"Of Marriage and Of Loneliness"

A new edition of the German Catholic classic "Of Marriage and Of Loneliness" by Ida Friederike Görres. Only available in German. Further information

Censored. Second and extended edition.

Despite the importance of freedom of speech and robust public debate, the nations of Europe have all adopted criminal laws against so-called “hate speech.” In Germany, for example, committing an insult is a criminal offence and in Poland offending religious feelings carries a two year prison sentence. In Cyprus, anyone who promotes feelings of ill will may be committing a crime, while in Sweden anyone who expresses contempt towards a group of persons may be imprisoned. 

Across Europe, such laws are readily being used. Ministers of religion have been arrested for preaching sermons from the Bible, journalists have been routinely fined, and even private conversations between citizens have resulted in criminal investigations. Yet remarkably, there appears to be almost unwavering support for “hate speech” laws among major European institutions and many non-governmental organizations. Summarizing what appears to be the popular position on “hate speech” laws, two judges of the European Court of Human speech” laws, two judges of the European Court of Human Rights recently held that “extremist opinions can bring much Rights recently held that “extremist opinions can bring much more harm than restrictions on freedom of expression.” 

This book seeks to challenge this prevailing orthodoxy by detailing the stark history of the internationalization of “hate speech” laws, their present day application, and their possible future. Fifty “hate speech” cases are discussed and a fully up-to-date compendium containing hundreds of European “hate speech” laws is included.

Paul B. Coleman is legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom at its office in Vienna, Austria, where he specializes in international litigation with a focus on European law.

By Paul Coleman, Kairos Publications, June 2016

Second Edition. First published 2012, Vienna, Austria

ISBN: 978-3-9503851-1-3

256 pages

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Article: Europe’s free speech problem: a cautionary tale, by Paul Coleman 

Report 2011 on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2011

The Observatory's Report 2011 on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in the Year 2011 was released on March 19th, 2012.

ISBN: 978-3-9503055-4-8

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Guide of Life Issues

Guide on Life Issues: For people and organizations interested in promoting the protection of every human being - regardless of their age. The legal situation, value background, consequences of abortion, arguments in favor and against, choice of wording, slogans, and much more: portrayed in a easily readable and appealing format. 

Available in German, from November 2011.

Exiting a Dead End Road, A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse

In this Book:

Describing Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians - What’s Wrong With the West? – Understanding Rights Talk – Dealing with Political Correctness – Comprehending Freedom and Tolerance – Responding to Anti-Discrimination Policy – Confronting Radical Secularism – Holding Universal Truths in a Pluralistic Society – Working with Media – Protecting Freedom of Speech – Ways Out of the Ghetto – and more...

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Also available in Hungarian







Five-Year-Report on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe.

First time ever documented: Five-year-report on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe. 

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Compiled by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians

First released on December 10th, 2010.